High Pressure Tanning

What is a High Pressure tanning system?

It is a tanning system, whereby it is equipped with all High Pressure lamps, which are approx. 3-4 inches in length and are behind a special square UV filtered glass (usually dark in colour or mirrored) With this specialized equipment, tanning is taken to its purest form.  The burning rays (UVB) are dramatically reduced and the tanning rays (UVA) are tremendously optimized. This means that unlike “traditional” tube lamp systems, the burning rays are not there to chase you out before the tanning rays can do their job. Therefore you will have a beautiful rich golden brown tan in JUST 3-4 visits. You will also only require 3-4 visits PER MONTH to maintain that tan.

This is because the “burning” rays in traditional systems and in natural sunlight do the following:

1. Burn you if you get too much.

2. Even in small amounts that won’t burn you, will dry out the skin and increase the exfoliation process and take away the tan.

Do not be fooled by uneducated salons telling you they have high pressure tanning equipment.  If the tanning equipment has the traditional long tube lamps for your body tan, then they are NOT high pressure beds.

Are you sure I won’t burn?

One of the beautiful things about High Pressure Tanning Systems, is that the “burning rays” are at the barest minimum and the “tanning rays” are tremendously optimized. This means that the margin of error on our part is huge. The odds of overexposure are very low. We may still reduce the exposure time by a few minutes if you are extremely fair skinned or have not tanned in a long while. We do still recommend that you gradually expose parts of the body not normally exposed to sunlight.

Why does my tan last much longer?

What is the reason a tan from a High Pressure Tanning System lasts so long? Unlike natural sunlight, traditional tube lamp tanning beds or stand ups, this high pressure system does not DRY OUT the skin or INCREASE the exfoliation process. Therefore your skin will maintain it’s natural 28-days exfoliation cycle. With all other forms of traditional tanning (indoors or out) the “burning rays” even in small enough amounts that will not burn, will dry out the skin.  They also increase the cycle of exfoliation from once every 28 days, to once every 5-10 days.

This increased exfoliation will take the tan with it, requiring many more visits to maintain your tan. Those more visits would end up being 3-4 times more sessions vs. using a High Pressure tanning bed to achieve similar results. Now add the amount of lotion usage to tan that many extra more sessions, your gas and not to mention your time to frequent the salon.  All this to achieve similar results from what a High Pressure bed can give you in as little as 3-4 visits. As an additional bonus, your skin will never seem dry or tight, but will always be soft and silky.

Why does my tan develop so fast in a High Pressure Tanning System?

Your skin is capable of absorbing a lot of “tanning rays”. The problem with traditional tanning beds is that the level of “burning rays” is much higher. So the burning rays chase you out of the bed or booth before the tanning rays can do their job. With our High Pressure Tanning Systems, the burning rays are much lower, and the tanning rays are optimized 3-4 times more than what is found in most traditional equipment. This results in a rich golden brown tan in just 3-4 visits.

If these beds are so great, why aren’t they everywhere?

About $60,000+ per room. That’s why. Very few salon owners care enough about their clients to provide them with this level of quality.  It could also be they just don’t believe that you want the best.  At Sunsational Tanz,  we have been setting the NEW standards of service excellence expected from tanning salons from day 1.