SunItalia Saturn HP

10 Minute max. session

The Saturn features an open non-claustrophobic design and is SEVEN times more powerful than conventional tanning beds.  As one of the most powerful high pressure tanning systems on the market, you will enjoy the darkest and most natural looking tan with the fewest sessions.  Zero to tan in just 3 sessions, with no burning GUARANTEED!

  • The most NON-Claustrophobic tanning equipment on the market
  • 25 x 1000w High Pressure body lamps
  • 1 x 1000w High Pressure facial lamp
  • 360 degrees of tanning with no pressure points
  • Dual cooling fans
  • Fully adjustable facial level
  • State of the art high pressure tanning lamps for four times
    darker results
  • No drying of the skin giving you 2-3 times longer lasting tan
  • Zero to tan in 3-4 sessions (NO burning, NO Redness, GUARANTEED)
  • The best tanning unit on the market for all skin types!
  • Music wired throughout salon

Ergoline 650 Classic

15 Minute max. session

The Ergoline 650 Classic features a combination of high pressure and VHR high performance tanning lamps proven to provide one of the best tans.  Enjoy a large, comfortable air condition cooled tanning bed that will not only give you incredible results but will provide a tanning experience second to none.

  • 12 x 520W Fully adjustable High Pressure Body and Facial Lamps
  • 33 x 160W VHR body Lamps
  • 5 x 25W VHR Shoulder Lamps
  • Fully adjustable built-in Air Conditioning
  • Spacious acrylic surface
  • Luxurious tanning experience delivering incredible results
  • Music wired throughout salon

What is High Pressure Tanning?

We have all the answers to your questions about high pressure tanning


Dr. Muller Giant Sun

10 Minute max. session

The Dr. Muller Giant Sun is the premier European tanning system.  Achieve a deep, dark, gentle tan in a cool and comfortable session. Then only 5-8 sessions a month help you maintain a wonderful tan.

  • 29 x 200w High Performance canopy lamps
  • 21 x 160w High Performance body lamps
  • 4 x 1000w High Pressure facial lamps
  • 8 way adjustable body cooling fans
  • Fully adjustable facial level
  • Large contoured acrylic laying surface
  • Music wired throughout salon

SunCapsule X7 Vitesse

7 Minute max. session

The SunCapsule stand-up is a high performance tanning machine and one of the strongest stand-ups in the tanning industry!  Enjoy an incredible, deep, dark tan that will please even the darkest skin types.  Enjoy that even tan from head to toe with no tan lines.

  • 54 x 220w High Performance VHR tanning lamps
  • 360 degrees of maximum performance tanning with no
    pressure points
  • Elevated platform to tan evenly right down to your feet.
  • Tan the hard to tan areas including your legs and under
    your arms
  • Fully adjustable cooling fans
  • Music wired throughout salon